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NICE inContact offers robust call routing software and a full line of workforce optimization tools to increase the efficiency of contact center agents-all in the cloud.

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About NICE inContact

NICE inContact helps call centers around the globe create profitable customer experiences through its powerful portfolio of software solutions.

The company’s services and solutions enable call centers to operate more efficiently, optimize the cost and quality of every customer interaction, create new pathways to profit, and ensure ongoing customer-centric business improvement and growth.

Because NICE inContact solutions are delivered in the cloud they offer benefits that traditional, on-premise contact center solutions cannot, including quick roll-out and implementation, no upfront hardware expenses or revolving upgrade fees, both upward or downward scalability to meet actual demand, pay-as-you-go billing model, 99.99% uptime, and seamless call routing between multiple contact centers and even at-home agents.

NICE inContact Solutions

Automatic Contact Distributor (ACD)
Get your contacts to the right person, regardless of agent location, with skills-based routing. Create the perfect mix of self-service and agent-managed exchang¬es.

Workforce Optimization (WFO)

The WFO solution helps organizations with:

Audio and Screen Recording, Quality Management, Workforce Management, Coaching Management, eLearning, Analytics-Driven Quality (ADQ), Performance Management Scorecards

Performance Dashboards
Consolidated view of the real-time data from the varying system to empower and agent agents to own perfor¬mance improvement

Customer Feedback
Real-time surveys allow you to hear and share the voice of your customer to improve service.

Outbound dialers

Network Connectivity
NICE inContact can be your data and voice provider, advise you on how to best solve thorny telecom issues, and serve as your call center’s one-stop shop for network connectivity and software needs.

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