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Our Software Defined Network (SDN) enables customers with fast, flexible, and on-demand connectivity to any services on the Megaport Ecosystem.

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About Megaport

Megaport is transforming the way people, enterprises, and service providers interconnect across the globe.

We have an extensive footprint throughout Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe where customers can access the Network from 240+ locations. Our world-leading connectivity solution drives greater agility, reduced operating costs, and increased speed to market compared to traditional connectivity options.

Megaport Solutions

AWS Direct Connect, Azure ExpressRoute, Google Cloud Interconnect, Oracle Fast Connect, +more Cloud connections.

Global Connectivity on-demand: US to Hong Kong/Singapore, Australia to US, US to UK, Hong Kong/Sinapore to Europe.

Megaport. A Megaport is the high-speed Ethernet interface that connects to the Megaport fabric. Bandwidth options between Megaports range from 1Mbps to 100Gbps.

VXC (Virtual Cross Connect), Megaport Cloud Router (MCR), Transport Network on-demand

Megaport Marketplace. Megaport Marketplace is a growing marketplace of over 250+ service providers, hosted in the Megaport Portal (, and designed to connect our rich Ecosystem of providers to our global network of customers.

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